No new jits, sad day

Well it’s annoying beyond reason but i have not trained bjj since Monday. This is my last week at work and I’m working doubles all week. Usually that wouldn’t stop me but i’ve been having issues with sleep since….well forever really but since i left my last gym its been getting worse and worse. Again, lack of sleep has never kept me from training before but these 12 hour shifts are killing me.

This week we were having a “study hall” while both of our professors are in Europe on a kick ass tour of several of the Gracie Barra gyms throughout France, England and Hungry….i think that’s it. Any how, on Monday we worked some basic half guard passes for a much less experienced person at the gym. When I and the other two guys worked together we worked on some stuff from the spider guard. Triangle, Omoplata and a sweep.

We rolled which was supposed to be easy but it never is. Only on the new girl but dealing with two ex military guys, it always starts a little easy but it always ends in us trying to kill each other. I Do miss the other gym, i felt like every time i rolled there it was a learning experience. Everyone one of them was a blue or purple belt. At Gracie Barra there is only one blue belt with the morning group and the other guy is a two stripe white belt. Rolling there is awesome because I actually have a chance. I can actually get and keep dominant positions. It’s a bit of a confidence booster….of course I’m still tiny compared to both of them so i have not been able to sub either but all the same, it’s a nice change of pace.

I thought about competing on the tenth but i realized that i would be doing it for the wrong reasons. I felt like instead of feeding the passion i have for the sport, and of doing it for fun, i would be doing to prove something to my old gym. I am just going to train lightly not to risk injury until boot camp. I already had a set back, and taking care of it on my own dime was a bitch, so its time to play it safe until i have health care again.

I have managed to maintain my conditioning though, Its easier to work on because i can do it anytime. I worked on my pullups, doing 4 sets of 4 different variations then i did a Arm/leg AMRAP that consisted of dead lifts, dips, pushups, and crossover box burpees….(i dont know if that is the real name for it) for 10 min then i worked my abs for another 10 min.
I ship out for the corps on the 19th and I’m more ready than I’ve ever been.
Ra ra ra marine corps!