Jitz for the week July 22-27

As it turns out, its hard to write every day when you’re working 50 hours a week and still finding time to train Jiujitsu every day and trying to run or lift every other day.  So for this post I’m just going to sum up the week but first, a little about me:

I am a no stripe white belt who four months ago was a four stripe white belt on the verge of being promoted to blue belt but then i badly hurt my knee……so bad that for two months straight, i was worried i wouldn’t even be able to walk normally again. But a strait month of yoga and rehab and i was able to jog again. One month after that i was rolling and only having a twinge of pain now and then. Also, this is when i started training at the newer gym.  As of right now Ive been training at the new gym for a little over a month.

All this week my professor has been getting creative with warm ups, adding suicides and grip strengthening exercises and other random conditioning exercises.  We haven’t done much work on technique lately, instead we have been rolling longer and more frequently. On Monday we did work on headlock escapes which was helpful but i didn’t get to drill it as much as i would have liked. I do like the rolling but to be honest, I do wish i could just drill the hell out of a few things for a few weeks.

None of the rolls where particularly memorable. I roll with the same few people most of the time. One of the guys, a three stripe white belt, who is also ex-air force spec ops. Freakishly strong, virtually every time we roll consist of me holding on to guard, him breaking out of it, me putting him into half guard, then recovering full guard. All the while fighting his attempts at a collar choke that he is getting better and better at.  I was able to put him in a triangle before the bell rang and i went onto the next training partner. After every practice i always drag somebody into helping me drill a few triangle chokes from different set ups.

The only thing big that happened this week over all is that i came to the conclusion that i wont compete again until i figure out where I’m going to be after boot camp. I’ve made some decent friends out of my new gym and i don’t thing i would feel right competing against friends from either gym. I also know that in boot camp I’m probably going to loose all the muscle memory that i had to fight to get back in the first place so whats the point in competing right now?

On Wednesday night i did hill sprints:

4* 30 meters and 6*120 meters, all with a jog back  as a recovery and a 20 min easy run as a cool down.

Oh yeah, and i bought a freaking awesome Hyabusa rash guard. Yay me!

cheers for now.


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